terça-feira, novembro 24

Laser Engraver Plays Mario Theme

This guy programmed the movements on the companies laser engraver to play the them from Mario Brothers. And thats how you have nice times @ work
Laser Engraver Plays Mario Theme - Watch more Funny Videos

sexta-feira, setembro 11

Audiosurf: Chewy Chocolate Cookies - This Is Massive (Cyberpunkers Remix)

Audiosurf is a music-adapting puzzle racer where you use your own music to create your own experience. The shape, the speed, and the mood of each ride is determined by the song you choose. You earn points for clustering together blocks of the same color on the highway, and compete with others on the internet for the high score on your favorite songs. http://www.audio-surf.com/

quinta-feira, setembro 3

yikebike...City Bike for City People!

Forget all problems that you have when you have a bike...this one promisses to solve all of them....no gas...no parking and a nice design... Good call!

Glow in the Dark Stick Men Dance!!!

Glow in the Dark Stick Men Dance - Watch more Funny Videos

domingo, agosto 16

Calvin Harris - Humanthesizer - the first human synth

the movie talks by itself....I want to see an Orchestra in next Summer´s Festival with this "things"

quinta-feira, junho 18

sábado, maio 9

onedotzero_adventures in motion: call for submissions

onedotzero_adventures in motion: call for submissions from onedotzero on Vimeo.

onedotzero_adventures in motion is acclaimed by artists, audiences and creative industry alike for being the world leader in audio-visual arts and entertainments at the forefront of a new experiential festival experience which combines music, film, play, live performance, interactivity, digital arts and culture. onedotzero_adventures in motion festival is now open to receive visually progressive moving image work for their 2009/2010 global touring festival.

domingo, maio 3

Brutal Legend new Trailer

Directly from Joystiq New trailer from one of the most incredible games that will launch this year.

quarta-feira, abril 8

Hacking Cars...True and "False" versions

Some people says that sometimes art imitates real life...and altough Advertising is not an art (and sometimes is a plague), We can see 2 examples of how to explore a specific subject. Hacking Cars. Here the True Version an Australian geek called Jonathan Oxer has hacked his Mazda RX-8 so that he can unlock it, turn it on and even open the trunk — using his iPod Touch. All of this is possible due to the car having built-in 3G, using Ubuntu Linux' operating system, which means he can start it up from wherever he is in the world. and the "False" Version A viral movie made to show the new Blackberry Storm, sponsored by Vodaphone. Cool hun? at almost same time 2 videos that approach our deeply desire...control our stuffs without move our asses.

quarta-feira, março 25

Kraftwerk - Autobahn

My new mantra...and just to remember the true inventors of electric drum and eletrical music....back to 1975!

quarta-feira, março 18

sexta-feira, janeiro 30

Asics Tiger

Best video ever made
Origami In the Pursuit of Perfection from MABONA ORIGAMI on Vimeo. tnx to Backstudio

History of the Internet....

.....Because you need to know what is the "thing" that allows you to view this post! :D

segunda-feira, janeiro 26

Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie

Directed by: Oren Lavie, Yuval & Merav Nathan Photography: Eyal Landesman Featuring: Shir Shomron whispered by Thata

terça-feira, janeiro 20

How to Train your fingers to Play WoW!

I Dedicate this video to my Guildies (http://www.dawnguild.com.br) Watch and Start to train ladies!! :D

sexta-feira, janeiro 16

Resident Evil 5

Capcom changed the concept about teasing a game! They already launched the second of five "viral" episodes that shows the story behind the game Resident Evil 5...and the user need to complete some tasks in the site to view new contents and movies. nice call....let´s wait then! :D whispered by Fred out!

dedos rápidos

Nice viral.

terça-feira, janeiro 13

Nintendo: Active Health

Siliconera discovered a Nintendo trademark wich was registered at January 8, 2009 in the European Trademark Database.Nintendo: Active Health I don´t know if it´s a new brand that will explore healthy games (like wii) or maybe can be the name of new DS fitness title: Walking with me! (UK version). I just know that this brand sounds like...medicine drugs... Nah! I didn´t like it. out!. shout by Joystiq

sexta-feira, janeiro 9

SMS Duel

someone told me that this will announce a SMS contest @ Lisbon!