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Brazilian TV Channel: Live internet Broadcast with Twitter support

TV Cultura will now broadcast only on the Internet an interview with Miguel Nicolelis, a medic that researchs about human brain and machine interaction. The most beautifull thing is... This interview will be release on Television just in ten days, but Internet users can watch it LIVE and without restrictions and can participate using Chat and Twitter. Watch "RODA VIVA" LIVE here Awesome.

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Using Laser Pointers in Mkt and Games

Control games and applications on any scale using laser pointers. This is a patent pending technology developed by Alpay Kasal of LitStudios for Interference Inc.
LaserGames from Alpay Kasal on Vimeo. Torke already used laser pointers for Optimus at Casa Music where people could draw everything they wanted on a wall See the movie here

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VideoGamesLive is now heading to UK!

After @blizzcon the musical company Videogameslive will perform your full talent @royal festival hall in UK. The tour visited Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba, and soon they will be @Lisbon, but first they will road Vancouver, Chicago, Kansas and Boston.You can´t miss it.

Video Games Live™ is an immersive concert event featuring music from the most popular video games of all time. Top orchestras & choirs perform along with exclusive video footage and music arrangements, synchronized lighting, solo performers, electronic percussionists, live action and unique interactive segments to create an explosive entertainment experience!

Wanna hear them first? Click Here whispered by Fred

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PSP2 Images...Like.no.other (Concept)

And Sony showed us what it can be the new PSP2 A OLED Flexible display that can be conveniently rolled. Designed by Tai Chiem this can be roll out in 3 or 4 years....most important is... they´re mashing cool design with cool stuff and technology to make you have a huge game experience. (via Yanko)

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All is about Social Media....and Games

And that´s why I always find a lot of Maps or Landscapes about web 2.0 or social media tools, none (until now) included Games on their graphics... and that´s why I made this post. Frédéric CAVAZZA is someone that I found somewhere in a blog that mentioned him and when I saw his Landscape I sent him an email asking a better quality picture... and...Voilà

What´s the difference between this Landscape and others? MMO!..yes....finally someone is understanding that Games (MMO, 1st Action, Strategy, et all) are a new kind of media...it´s not about fashion...it´s about...to be where your target is....where your target plays and where your target is spending their spare time.

Thanks Fred for the pics and to reply me


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Warhammer Online....Over 750K Players

This report came from videogaming247 and tells that Warhammer got today 750k players in almost one month...
That´s huge....and That´s awesome!!!
Today I signed up a new Gamer Social Network (new for me and I will talk about it later) and Warhammer already appears at top 10 played games.
I installed and player just 1 hour of Warhammer yesterday....I need to tell the truth...in the beginning I logged out and went to WoW, but after 2 hours I decided to give another try...and i think I´m starting to like this game.... Good for me....bad for my Paypal Account :(

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RL Mana Potion and RL Race Across Azeroth

Yes....what you´ve wonder someday is happening... some guys is selling REAL LIFE MANA POTION. You think that´s all? No... the same dudes took a real race across azeroth to prove that World of Warcraft´s Chars are more in shape then their owners...Gamers might be fit but their chars..rules!!!

EA + Zack Snyder

Video game publisher Electronic Arts Inc has signed a deal for Hollywood director Zack Snyder, who made the hit 2006 film "300," to help develop video games, some of which may someday become movies themselves.

The agreement, announced on Monday, calls for Snyder, who also directed 2004's "The Dawn of the Dead" and is working on a film adaptation of the "Watchmen" comic book series, to develop three original games for EA.

original post: HERE