sexta-feira, agosto 29

PAX the last resort!!

PAX ( Penny Arcade Expo) a Game event that will happen this weekend in Seattle it´s closer then a hardcore gamer can be with game producers and developers. After the "end" of E3 in 2006 ( nowadays E3 is a small event and dedicated to press only ) the gamer community didn´t have a place to discuss, to get in touch with news and to try a new release of a game, but in the same year , was born PAX... an event idealized by two guys specialized in webstories, PAX had over 28,000 visitors last year and promisses 42,000 this year. Some companys in fact will release your new games in PAX, or will let visitors test their newest promisses, like Bethesda Developer will open Fallout3 to trial on the event. It´s early to say that PAX will reach the whole left by E3, but i still believe that in a couple years, PAX will be the more important Gamer event and some companies will join the event and left their own conference to the past ...Why?... You don´t need to spend a lot of money, you just need to call gamers to your stand and not to a place that some gamers may not go and you can track the market and get a good view if your company or game are on the track or not. Out!.

segunda-feira, agosto 25

Introducing: Force Dynamics Motion Systems

If you like car racing games, that´s a nice example of how a company can improve games experience. Force Dynamics is a family-owned business located in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, and founded in 2005 building Motion Systems. They usually produce 2 types of Motion System, 301 ( the low cost one) and 401 (that promisses twirl 180 degrees). Whatch the Video.

sábado, agosto 23

Jogos On-line como Espaço Público e Novo Média (PORTUGUESE VERSION))

That´s a Paper that I wrote for my Master and talks about Online Games as a new public space and a new media! Soon I will do an English Version. I just have the Abstract so far :D DOWNLOAD PDF Resumo Com esse trabalho, pretende-se abordar o grande crescimento dos jogos on-line em todos os seus tipos (1st action, Strategy Games, MMORPG) e a definição dos jogos on-line como um novo espaço público e uma potencial nova mídia. Serão abordados exemplos de jogos on-line de sucesso, bem como a mudança da faixa etária dos consumidores desses jogos e o crescimento da falta de efectividade das medias antigas (TV, Rádio), em relação à penetração dos veículos on-line no dia-a-dia do novo consumidor. É notório o Jogo Online como um novo espaço democrático, principalmente nos MMO, e ainda torna-se um ambiente onde transfere-se ou realiza-se no virtual, o que não é possível na vida real, tendo o “jogador” uma vida dupla (real e virtual), que acontece independente de sua participação, porém moldada conforme sua interferência, ora no real, ora no virtual, sendo assim, fundamental o crescimento da publicidade nos ambientes virtuais. Palavras-Chave: Jogos Online, MMO, Nova Mídia, Publicidade, Espaço Público Abstract With this paper, we intend to discusses the intensive raise of online games in all of it’s kinds (1st action, Strategy Games, MMORPG) getting a new definition of public space and a potential media. It will approach examples of success games, the age band change of it’s users and the lack of effectiveness of regular medias (TV, Radio) in comparison whith online media penetration in new consumer day-by-day. It is well-known that online games are a new democratic space, mainly MMO, and have become an ambient where it transfers or it is become fulfilled in virtual what is not possible in real life, giving the player a double life (real and virtual), that happens independent of your participation, but shaped by your interference, either in real or virtual one. Because of that, it’s necessary the increase of advertising in virtual ambient. Keywords: Online games, MMO, New Media, Advertising, Public Space

sexta-feira, agosto 22

Blizzard Shall Be the King?

Just to start the new blog and the new post...let´s talk about a case! Everyone knows Blizzard right?! NO?! Blizzard is one of the most important games company of the world, owner of the most important MMORPG nowadays...The World of Warcraft!!! WoW (how users call World of Warcraft) have at this moment over 10 million player in the hun?! Every leader has competitors that want to be the next Blizzard is doing to sustain WoW in the 1st place of MMORPG games?! Quite simple!!! Blizzard is tracking his competitors! I´ll give you and example! Yesterday EA Games launched Warhammer Online Cinematics The Official Game launch will be at Sept 18th. The video quickly spread all over the world...but about 2 hours after EA... Blizzard smashed the WarHammer Cinematics annoucing the cinematics of your new expansion Wrath of the Lich King. It was just coincidence? Luck? Nah...This is Blizzard and World of Warcraft!!!! They are always one step ahead from your competitors and they deserve (at this moment) to be the King of MMORPG!! GG Blizzard!