quarta-feira, abril 8

Hacking Cars...True and "False" versions

Some people says that sometimes art imitates real life...and altough Advertising is not an art (and sometimes is a plague), We can see 2 examples of how to explore a specific subject. Hacking Cars. Here the True Version an Australian geek called Jonathan Oxer has hacked his Mazda RX-8 so that he can unlock it, turn it on and even open the trunk — using his iPod Touch. All of this is possible due to the car having built-in 3G, using Ubuntu Linux' operating system, which means he can start it up from wherever he is in the world. and the "False" Version A viral movie made to show the new Blackberry Storm, sponsored by Vodaphone. Cool hun? at almost same time 2 videos that approach our deeply desire...control our stuffs without move our asses.